The cost-effective foot stretcher designed by the same team who created the Official TurnBoard. 

The StretchPRO® was developed to assist dancers with their ongoing stretching and strengthening exercises. The StretchPRO helps increase the height and shape of your arch, allowing dancers to consistently achieve proper foot positioning and technique. 

The StretchPRO was designed with a unique hinge, allowing it to open up a full 180 degrees to store other small dance items (Yes, even your Official TurnBoard snaps into place!).

Simply lay the StretchPRO on the ground, then with your leg straightened out, slide your foot into the foot sleeve. This offers a safe and comfortable way to increase the shape and height of your arches while improving your foot strength. As the dancer becomes comfortable stretching over time, they can move their foot deeper down into the foot sleeve to increase the resistance and flex of the foot and arch. The foot sleeve can be adjusted for comfort. Insert your foot deeper in the sleeve for a snug fit that meets your foot size and shape. The heel comfort cushions can be used independently or together to ease any pressure points along the ankle.

What’s Included

  • StretchPRO Base Unit with built-in storage capacity

  • 100% Silicon Foot Sleeve

  • Heel Comfort Cushions (2 different sized included)


Step 1: With a bent knee, bring the StretchPRO towards your body while seated.


Step 2: With the two hands, pull the foot sleeve over your foot while your foot rests on the StretchPRO, making sure your heel is behind the incline bump.


Step 3: As you pull the foot sleeve back, ensure the sole of your foot is in contact with the curves of the base. It is important that one gets a snug fit into the foot sleeve.


Step 4: Slowly lower your leg to the floor. Stretch as far as you can without causing pain. Hold the stretch and count to ten, then slowly release and repeat.


Note: The comfort cushions raise the base level of the heel cup of the StretchPRO, increasing the resistance against the foot, which in turn improves the flexibility, line, and strength of the foot. However, using the cushions is only advisable as a progressive next step for the user who has already worked primarily for a certain period of time with the StretchPRO. The comfort cushions also can be used to facilitate individual foot adjustments for greater comfort and ease.


stretchpro® user videos (updated monthly)