569023.302417nvnv8agl_origThe Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard is great for young dancers who are not yet fully confident in their abilities. Turning successfully is a challenge for all but the most accomplished of dancers.  The TurnBoard makes turning less challenging and more accessible. It helps young dancers master their pirouettes by letting them complete rotations, freeing them to focus on their body weight, adjusting their hips, snapping their heads and spotting while balancing – in short, performing the myriad components of a successful turn.



The TurnBoard lets young dancers experience the joys of really turning! When you complete your first set of eight turns with your TurnBoard, you’ll become more confident and more willing to take on challenging ballet steps!

You can watch the video below to see the Ballet is Fun TurnBoard in use:

The Ballet is Fun TurnBoard was recently featured in the hit feature-length film, First Position! You can see it in use in the official trailer for the film!